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Why choose our Sleep Earbuds ?

Perfect for Sleeping and Fitness 

Soft Gumy Earplugs Noise Reduction,Ultra lightweight design, soft silicone material. Silicone tips allow you ambient noise reduction. NUBWO Sleep earphones is perfect for your daily life ,You can enjoy the music, sleep app and ASMR video while sleeping, help you to improve the speed of falling asleep and deep sleeping quality. 

Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Design for Sleep

Soft and Light and Ergonomic Design,Its unique design fits well comfortable in your ear. The earphone cup shape can be help effectively noise reduction. It is come with portable carry box, Let it be your travel/sleep companion.

 High Definition Stereo Sleep Earphones with Microphone

Equipped with two high fidelity drivers on the sleep earphone, the earphones sound quality is decent enough for music and audio books during relaxation or before sleeping. Adopting passive physical noise reduction just like the earplugs, but could play music like the normal earbuds. It aims to offer the best comfortable music listening experience for you when you are sleeping. NUBWO sleep earbuds is the best choice for music experience.

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Press Once: answer the call, play / pause music

Long Press: Refused / End the call Press

Twice: Next Song Press

Thrice: Previous Song